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Well-organized User List

There is nothing complex on Loview. Our user-friendly interface will let you find a perfect match manually still, it will be a simple process. 

Our user list was created using current technology, which displays the new users on the top. A real-time update is available that adds the fresh profiles instantly on the user list. Therefore, you can discover valid profiles every time you search. 

Instant Chat Invitation

When you see a suitable profile, you can simply send a chat invitation. No more waiting for matchmaking with hidden and blurred profiles! approve chat requests from anyone at anytime and create bonds without any trouble. This process is better and more unique. 

Communicate, Meet & Make Friends

  • Everyone has their own stories. And stories are meant to share with loved ones. Loview brings you a platform that lets you express yourself. 
  • You may find a person who will not judge you with your photos plus try to know you for real. On Loview you can chat and communicate with others and make friends near you. When you can communicate without any barriers, you can find people who know you well and hang out with them. 
  • Meet with the people you like and find your true love!

Genuine Profiles With Valid Information

The users of Loview provide relevant information while opening their accounts on this app. Loview allows no entry without performing a proper registration.

How Loview Works
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Features That Everyone Loves ​

The exclusive features of Loview have made it popular among millions of people worldwide. ​

Updated User List

Offers a location-based user list which is updated in real-time ​

Authentic Profiles Only

Find people with relevant and valid profiles

Free of Auto-matchmaking

No algorithm will select your partner, you are the one who will choose your soulmate


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